About Us

Sustainable Energy Storage For Our Net Zero Future

Adena Power is an energy storage provider using domestic raw materials and Ohio manufacturing to deliver sodium batteries to commercial and industrial markets. After spending two years talking with utilities and renewable developers, we understand Li-ion will only get us so far and that the market needs battery solutions that are safer, have a flexible duration, and, most of all, have a lower installed cost. We are in the demonstration phase of this IP-protected energy storage solution and intend to launch our first product early in 2025.


To support a more sustainable and equitable clean energy transition to our Net Zero Future.


Commercialize new battery products that provide customers with a differentiating, domestic energy storage solution that is safer, longer-duration, and lower cost.

Adena Power is founded on two key strengths, unrivaled market access to stakeholders throughout the stationary energy storage ecosystem and world-class ceramic manufacturing. This expertise has enabled us to demonstrate a transformative cell based on a large-area ceramic membrane.


People-Centric: We strive to foster an environment where everyone can fulfill their potential, and where everyone is heard and valued.

Safety: Safety is an ethic that guides everything we do.

Collaboration: Through teamwork we multiply our contribution.

Resiliency: We are flexible in our mindset and don’t let circumstances define us.

Accountability: We empower each other to take ownership of our actions.