Cutting Edge Sodium Solid-State Battery Technology

Adena Power is working to commercialize a new sodium solid-state battery that is based on an intrinsically safe chemistry and made from low-cost, sustainable, domestic raw materials. The result? A differentiating energy storage alternative to Li-ion batteries that gives you peace of mind by eliminating the risk of fire, providing a flexible duration, increasing reliability, and, most of all, lowering installation costs.

We recently completed the successful demonstration of a 1 kWh battery module. Read about the results >>

We are continuing the demonstration phase of the IP-protected energy storage solution and intend to launch our first product early in 2025.

The clean energy transition requires a massive expansion of energy storage capacity. Adena Power’s battery addresses the need for alternative, non-lithium energy storage technologies that are safer, lower cost and longer duration.

Fuel Cell Adena
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Adena Power’s 1 kWh module


4 assembled cell cartridges in battery module

A safe, cost-effective energy storage solution

Our approach is to build upon and innovate past existing battery technologies to address manufacturing and cost challenges, without sacrificing performance.


A Sustainable Non-Lithium Energy Storage Solution

Our battery addresses the shortcomings of Li-ion batteries, delivering safer, longer-duration energy storage from sustainable domestic materials at less than $50/kWh. The co-location of materials, manufacturing and market forges an end-to-end U.S. supply-chain eliminating our dependence on foreign critical materials.


A reimagining of established sodium battery chemistry

Leveraging our more than 25 years of ceramic manufacturing expertise we have established a strong intellectual property position. Our enabling cell design is protected by multiple patent filings, which in combination with extensive processing know-how and unparalleled market access, gives us a significant sustainable advantage.