Sodium Solid Electrolyte Battery Development

An Alternative Solution

Incumbent Li-ion batteries will only get us so far when it comes to sodium batter energy storage. What we need is an alternative solution that is longer duration, safer, and lower cost.

Adena Power provides initial commercial/industrial customers with a differentiating energy storage solution that serves as a proof point for utilities.

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NaSICON Powder and Membrane Development

NaSICON Powder & Membrane Development

Energy Storage Product Development

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Adena is commercializing a long-duration sodium battery energy storage system, that incorporates a low-cost iron and salt chemistry within a planar cell architecture.

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This work has been supported through the Department of Energy SBIR project DESC0021566 and has involved commercializing technology originally developed under OE Project #70247: Cost Competitive Energy Storage. Adena appreciates the support of the teams at PNNL, led by Dr. Guosheng Li, and The Ohio State University Center of Automotive Research.