Adena Power Featured in Columbus Business First

Adena Power was recently featured in Columbus Business First about how we are among other technology companies that are helping to put the State of Ohio on the map for leading the way toward the future of electric vehicle technology.

Adena Power is working on new technologies to help build the electrification infrastructure that enables electric vehicle adoption. See the full article here (note you will need to have an account to view the full article.)

What follows is the content of the article featuring Adena Power.

Another ripple in this EV pond is Adena Power in Lewis Center. Though officially formed this year, it’s a spinoff of Nexceris, which has more than two decades of experience in clean energy technologies.

Four years ago, the team that is now Adena collaborated with OSU’s Center for Automotive Research on a Department of Energy-backed study in which it produced a range of cathode powders as possible alternatives to cobalt powders used in lithium-ion batteries.

“It was a good project,” said Adena President Neil Kidner. “It helped us understand where we might be able to have a role.”

Though that work was on vehicles, Kidner said the immediate business opportunity they see is with utilities and stationary energy storage.

But success in the utility world could open doors in the automotive segment. As with automakers, utilities and individual companies are making big investments in decarbonization plans, which drives the need for more renewable energy and battery storage.

“That’s a natural beachhead for us,” Kidner said. “To achieve our decarbonization goals we are going to need a range of new technologies.”

Adena is developing materials and batteries that could become a safer and less expensive alternative to lithium-ion.

“We want this to be a sustainable domestic product, using U.S.-sourced materials and manufacturing,” Kidner said.

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