Nexceris To Advance The Product Readiness Of A New Energy Storage Solution That Will Help Modernize The U.S. Energy Grid 

Nexceris, a clean energy innovator with more than 25 years of focus on renewable energy, announces that it has been awarded a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Phase 2 small business innovation research (SBIR) contract to help modernize the U.S. energy grid in order to deliver clean, affordable electricity, and reduce power outages to homes across America.

In this effort, Nexceris, in partnerships with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and BRITE Energy Innovators, will advance the product readiness of its EnergySafeTM product, a disruptive low-cost intraday (8 – 16 hours duration) energy storage solution.

“As renewable energy sources become a larger portion of our electricity generation capacity, the U.S. grid faces new stability and resiliency challenges, and does not have enough storage to address these issues. Li-ion batteries will only get us so far and there is a growing realization that safer and longer storage duration technologies are needed,” said Dr. Neil Kidner, Director of Nexceris’ Battery Business Unit. “Nexceris’ EnergySafe technology can address this unmet need.”

EnergySafe has the potential to modernize the U.S. energy grid without anchoring it to the past. Its success will minimize the disruption caused by the clean energy transition, enabling renewable grid integration to proceed apace while capturing the greatest grid stability and value from existing energy generation units. 

The project, which aligns with the U.S. DOE Energy Storage Grand Challenge (ESGC) goals of leveraging U.S.-developed technology and domestically sourced raw materials, will culminate with an independent 5 kWh module demonstration at BRITE’s test facility to position EnergySafe for future on-site demonstrations with industrial partners.

About Nexceris: Nexceris is an energy innovation company dedicated to the clean energy transition. Founded in 1994, Nexceris’ vision is to create a better world through clean energy innovations. The company collaborates with global customers and partners to transform powerful ideas to make energy production safer, more efficient, and environmentally responsible. Currently, Nexceris is focused on clean energy applications in stationary energy storage and electric vehicles, including new battery applications like EnergySafe and safety monitoring systems such as Li-ion Tamer.  Learn more at