Adena Power Highlighted in CleanTechnia Article

CleanTechnia, the “World’s Top Cleantech Site,” recently published an article titled “Sodium Batteries Challenge Lithium-Ion On Cost, Supply Chain” by Tina Casey that highlighted Adena Power and our ability to commercialize sodium batteries. Given that CleanTechnia is an industry leader who has spent the last 15+ years inspiring people and helping them take cleantech action in their lives, we were amazed to see our small startup get recognized. We are glad that our hard work is getting noticed!

In the article, Adena Power is mentioned as a startup company that has the potential to commercialize sodium batteries quickly. It also points out our close relationship with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, with whom we have collaborated together to advance sodium solid-electrolyte battery chemistry over the last couple of years.

The article calls out the benefits of sodium-based batteries, from low cost abundant raw materials to the longer-duration energy storage potential. It will take no convincing the Adena Power team of these benefits, and it is nice to see sodium batteries get their rightful place in the general cleantech discussion.

Image: Schematic of a sodium-ion battery for grid-scale energy storage from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.