Adena Power Completes Successful Building Block Module Test

2023 began with an initial demonstration of our MVPRO short-stack module. This test gave the team confidence about what was possible and motivated a year of technical advancement that culminated with a successful building block module test. The test was hosted at The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research (OSU CAR). Adena is very grateful for the support and guidance the OSU-CAR team provided and looks forward to strengthening this collaboration in 2024.

The test allowed the Adena team to validate key components of the battery module, including the battery and thermal management systems, as well as stack and module performance. The module was able to use a commercial battery management system, including switchgear and multi-stack controllers from Nuvation Energy, modified for Adena’s chemistry. The thermal management strategy incorporated the results of COMSOL modeling by Adena’s engineers and experience from designing high-temperature solid-oxide fuel-cell systems to ensure a uniform thermal profile throughout the module.

“The success of the test is testimony to the hard work and determination of the team. The year was tough, we experienced technical headwinds but I am proud of the resiliency of the team to resolve the challenges and take the technology to a new level. I can’t wait to see what the team accomplishes in 2024!” Co-Founder and CSO Neil Kidner.

The Adena Power team would like to thank our collaborators, without whom this demonstration would not have been possible:

The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research – This demonstration could not have happened without the support of OSU CAR’s engineers and faculty members for allowing us to use their space and equipment and offering much insight along the way.

Nuvation Energy – The supplier of our Battery Management System, which was used to control the module system and collect data.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – Our partners at PNNL have offered tremendous support this year with cell and system development, which was crucial for a successful module.

And finally, the Adena Power engineers who developed and built the module demonstration:

  • Katarina – Single Cell Production Coordinator
  • Katie – Stack and Module Lead
  • Amanda – Cell Performance Engineer
  • Matt – Project Manager