Safe and Sustainable Batteries Built in Ohio

Ohio has a strong manufacturing culture, spirit, and existing infrastructure that will aid the clean energy transition for decades to come.  As the U.S. continues to adopt energy onshoring policies, energy storage solutions that use both domestic raw materials and manufacturing are uniquely positioned for exponential growth. Adena Power is proud to utilize Ohio manufacturing and U.S. raw materials to demonstrate our building block energy storage module at Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research.

Why it Matters: Adena Power is an energy storage provider using domestic raw materials and manufacturing to deliver sodium batteries to commercial and industrial markets. After spending two years conversing with utilities and renewable developers, we understand Li-ion will only get us so far and that the market needs battery solutions that are safer, have a flexible duration, and, most of all, have a lower installed cost. Adena Power is in the demonstration phase of this IP-protected energy storage solution and intends to launch its first product early in 2025.

Go Deeper: Right before the holiday break, Adena Power partnered with The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research (OSU CAR) for a module-level demonstration of our sodium battery technology. This testing validated our battery management system, thermal management system, and performance metrics, all while using domestic materials and, most importantly, being built in Ohio.

The demonstration was built via three fantastic Adena Power engineers and our engineering intern:

The project came together with the support of Matt Holbrook and his amazing project management skills.

Everyone at Adena is proud of our Ohio-made battery module and what we were able to accomplish in 2023. Adena’s intent is to move quickly toward a product with established battery chemistries using in new ways that increase performance while reducing cost.

The team can be seen here proudly wearing their Built in Ohio shirts from Homage during the battery production day leading into the OSU CAR demonstration. Built in Ohio was created by OhioX, a nonprofit dedicated to celebrating innovation and building a tech hub in Ohio.