Powering Through a Positive Year: A Review of 2023

Adena Power has made numerous advancements this year with achievements in our technical capabilities, manufacturing, and collaboration. Partnering with The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research (OSU CAR), a successful test of our building block module, among other achievements throughout the year that bring us joy.

Why it Matters: Adena Power has developed a sodium battery to provide a clean energy alternative to lithium batteries. This year, we have had groundbreaking success that ultimately led to a successful demonstration at The Ohio State University with our building block energy storage system module while proudly utilizing Ohio manufacturing and U.S. raw materials.

Technical Advancements: Advance to Module-Level Validation:

  • The Adena building block module consisted of four stacks in parallel and ran with our thermal and battery management systems at OSU CAR. The test ran for one week and validated our operating systems and performance to prepare us for larger application-intent demonstrations. “The successful OSU module demonstration was a great way to close out 2023, and position Adena for an exciting 2024, giving us the confidence to execute our aggressive roadmap and be ready to launch product in 2025,” exclaimed Adena’s CSO, Neil Kidner.

Manufacturing Achievements: Pilot-Production Established

  • This year, Adena Power more than tripled our manufacturing capability to produce over 200 cells per week by automating and optimizing various processing steps. An insight into our automation systems is shown in the photos with an adhesive disposition robot and single-cell crimping system. We have also begun a partnership with Current Chemicals in Cleveland, OH, to leverage their under-utilized infrastructure for rapid, CAPEX-lite scale-up to continue increasing our manufacturing capabilities. CEO Nathan Cooley on the value of Ohio, “The manufacturing spirit in Ohio is second to none. Our nation-leading infrastructure makes Ohio the Heart of It All.”

Collaboration Achievements: Continuing to Grow Strategic Relationships

Aside from the insightful visits with PNNL, various Adena team members traveled to 18 states to meet with investors and collaborators, plus attended trade shows and conferences. Fun fact: this much travel equates to 20 tonnes of CO2 emissions, the same amount that can be offset by just one building block module (~12kWh) in the Adena Power 1MWh turnkey system!

The entire Adena Power team is looking forward to an even more powerful and impactful 2024.

Go Deeper: Adena Power year in review PDF.