Li-ion Batteries Will Only Get Us So Far

Adena fills the gap with low-cost Sodium Energy Storage Solutions

Achieving Net Zero requires a massive expansion of energy storage to ensure clean, affordable, and reliable energy is delivered to homes and businesses across America and around the world. Safe, low-cost, long-duration energy storage is needed...

That’s where Adena Power comes in

Adena Power is an energy storage provider using domestic raw materials and manufacturing to deliver sodium batteries to commercial and industrial markets. After spending two years talking with utilities and renewable developers, we understand Li-ion will only get us so far and that the market needs battery solutions that are safer, have a flexible duration, and, most of all, have a lower installed cost. Adena is in the demonstration phase of this IP-protected energy storage solution and intends to launch its first product early in 2025.

Demonstrations are planned for 2024

Energy Storage Product

Product launch to Commercial & Industrial markets is scheduled for 2025

Built in Ohio

Who We Are

After over a decade of working together, commercializing clean tech and returning value to customers, Adena's co-founders have assembled a world-class team to deploy this expertise to launch our innovative energy storage solution.


Adena Power Featured in BRITElights Video Series

By Nathan Cooley | March 20, 2023

As a member of BRITE Energy Innovators, we were honored that our President, Neil Kidner, Ph.D. was selected for an interview with BRITE’s President and CEO, Rick Stockburger for a segment of their recent BRITElights series to discuss the Net Zero Future of technology.

Adena Power Participated in the EPRI Incubatenergy Lab Program

By Neil Kidner | February 23, 2023

Adena Power was one of 25 top leading start-up companies which participated in the Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. (EPRI) Incubatenergy Lab Program’s Pitch Day to demonstrate and deploy innovative solutions for utility customers

Adena Power Helps Advance New Sodium-aluminum Battery Technology for Grid Energy Applications

By Neil Kidner | February 8, 2023

Adena Power recently contributed time, expertise and materials to a study just published in Energy Storage Materials that demonstrates the feasibility of a new design for a grid energy storage battery built with the low-cost metals sodium and aluminum.

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Adena Power delivers superior performance and economic viability compared to other leading battery technologies.