Sodium Solid-State Battery

Sustainable energy storage for our Net Zero Future

To achieve Net Zero requires a massive expansion of energy storage to ensure clean, affordable and reliable energy is delivered to homes across America and around the world. Existing energy storage technologies will only get us so far, so new solutions are needed.

That’s where Adena Power comes in

Adena Power’s sodium solid-state battery has been developed to address the need for safer, longer-duration and lower cost energy storage. An alternative chemistry to Li-ion batteries, our technology goes places that Li-ion can't providing a differentiating solution that alleviates our customers’ pain points created by the clean energy transition to Net Zero.

Why Adena Power

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The combination of sustainable low-cost raw materials and simple, scalable manufacturing processes enables a low-cost battery that can achieve the aggressive cost targets to be competitive in the stationary energy storage market. We use only abundant, domestically sourced materials. The result? Sustainable, sodium solid-state batteries that secures the American supply-chain against disruptions and price volatility.

Our robust, maintenance-free battery design incorporates a low-cost battery chemistry within a cell architecture that leverages our more than 25 years of ceramic fabrication expertise to provide an innovative solid-state battery. Compared to other solid-state batteries our cell design decouples energy and power capacity enabling longer storage durations.


Who We Are

Adena Power is a new business that Nexceris has spun out to focus on the commercialization of our sodium solid-state battery technology.

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Adena Power delivers superior performance and economic viability compared to other leading battery technologies.